Sharks Cove, Oahu. Hawaii

Sharks Cove, Oahu. Hawaii
Sharks Cove, Oahu. Hawaii
Sharks Cove, Oahu. Hawaii
Sharks Cove, Oahu. Hawaii


Sharks Cove, Oahu


Sharks Cove can be found on the North Shore in Oahu. It is a beautiful reef that is home to a vast

array of marine life. The reef, however, can only be accessed when the waters are calm. During winter, the waves reach soaring heights of forty to fifty feet, and the reef is submerged. At the end of the reef, the ocean drops down to over twenty feet.

The reef is named Sharks Cove because several white tipped reef sharks live there. Divers are discouraged from approaching the sharks, which are typically not aggressive.

Turtles are also frequently sighted in the cove.

When the seas are calm during March through October, Sharks Cove is an excellent beach for scuba diving, swimming and, because it is teeming with marine life, snorkeling. Shark’s cove is known in all Hawaii as the best diving and snorkeling area in Oahu.

However, there are no lifeguards stationed on the beach, so swimmers are advised to be extra cautious, and to never turn their backs to the ocean because the waters are constantly changing. Visitors are

also advised to wear shoes at all times because of the sharp rock and coral formations in the cove.

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