Rabbit Island or Manana Island, Hawaii

Rabbit Island or Manana Island, Hawaii
Rabbit Island or Manana Island, Hawaii
Rabbit Island or Manana Island, Hawaii
Rabbit Island or Manana Island, Hawaii


Rabbit Island or Manana island


Rabbit Island is so named for two reasons. One, its shape, seen from the shores of Oahu, resembles a rabbit’s head, and two, it was home to a rabbit-raising farm. The rabbit farms were closed down when

the rabbits started negatively affecting the island’s natural ecosystem.

The island, also referred to as Manana Island, is a seabird sanctuary protected by the state of Hawaii.

It is home to thousands of exotic and rare birds including Sooty Terns, Wedge-tailed Shearwaters,

Brown Noddys, Red-tailed Tropicbirds, Bulwer’s Petrels and Hawaiian Monk Seals.

It is located a kilometer from Kaupo Beach. It is close to Makapuu on the eastern tip of the Oahu in Hawaii. Manana, in the Hawaiian language, translates to “buoyant”.

Rabbit Island is a tuff cone. It has two craters, and the highest point on the islet is 361 feet high.

The island has an area of approximately 63 acres. It is 2,319 feet long, and 2,147 feet wide.

Manana has one small sand beach on the southwest side of the islet. The beach is nearly forty feet

wide and is at a height normally unreachable by waves coming in from the ocean. The beach curves

from the south to the west of the island.

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